What we’ve learned about diversity and inclusion

Understanding bias and its intersection with our workplace–and the communities around us– is crucial to creating change. And sharing those insights is even more important. Here, you’ll find a collection of the conversations, programs, research that have informed and inspired Google’s diversity efforts.

Open dialog sparks change

Talks at Google is a series of events that features innovators who can challenge our ways of thinking. For example, we have Google’s Decoding Race Series, which aims to inform and empower Googlers to have conversations on race and its intersections.

Equity demands the right toolkit

At Google, we’re constantly researching and testing what culture and management practices work. We created a place to share these learnings, best practices, and guides with a broader audience.

How to raise awareness about unconscious bias

Learning the science and hosting a workshop can help you understand the impact of unconscious bias and begin unbiasing.

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How to evaluate subtle messages

Giving your first thoughts a second look and recognizing subtleties can help you create a more inclusive environment.

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How to gather data and measure decisions

Measuring programs and decisions can demonstrate impact and reveal where unconscious bias may negatively influence outcomes.

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How to eliminate bias when reviewing resumes

Screening for qualifications, consistency, and impact can help you match candidates to the right roles and make better decisions.

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How to structure and check for pay equity

Designing and auditing fair pay practices are steps organizations everywhere can take to create more equitable workplaces.

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How to use structure and criteria

Using consistent structure and clear criteria can lead to more objective decisions.

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Research inspires progress

Deep dive into the research, white papers, and academic studies that are impacting culture and work at Google.