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Supporting supplier diversity and creating inclusive products

Innovation is a priority at Google—and we know that a variety of perspectives is key to creating better products. That means not only building technology that is accessible and useful to everyone, but also making sure we support diversity in our supplier network. When we do so, we empower more people to use and help improve how we develop inclusive products and platforms.

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More than 50% of America's businesses from underrepresented communities aren’t online, limiting their potential growth in today’s online economy. 1


There are one billion people with disabilities in the world. 2


Businesses that are online grow 40% faster and are twice as likely to create jobs. 3

Grow the ecosystem of diverse small businesses

Grow the ecosystem of diverse small businesses

Supporting small businesses owned by people from all walks of life is part of how we define success. We're building an ecosystem of thriving small businesses–even those that aren’t part of Google’s core operations–by offering access technology and opportunities to improve digital skills.

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“Google is committed not only to connect with small businesses to become a supplier, but also to develop us, to provide us education for us to succeed. That’s priceless.”

Small Business Supplier Diversity Program

The Small Business Supplier Diversity Program connects minority-, women-, veteran-, disabled- and LGBT-owned small businesses to opportunities within Google by adding them to our procurement network. The program also aims to equip small businesses with the tools and resources they need so they can be successful working with any company.

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Accelerate with Google events

Google encourages and equips employees worldwide to host free events focusing on digital literacy skills that address the unique needs of communities that are underrepresented online. Googlers have volunteered to run these events around the world, from Atlanta to the Sydney, from Dublin to Johannesburg.

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Digital Coaches

Google partners with trusted business leaders in nine major U.S. cities, who share their knowledge and experience on how building a strong online presence can accelerate economic growth. Our nine Digital Coaches offer free, open-to-the-public workshops in communities with historically large populations of minority small business owners.

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Create products that work for everyone

Create products that work for everyone

There are roughly 1 billion people worldwide with disabilities. That’s why the Google Accessibility team monitors our products to make sure users everywhere can enjoy them, and solicits feedback from trusted external partners.

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Inclusive product development: Google Camera

By integrating inclusion early in the product development process for Google Camera, our image quality engineers identified how to improve proximity sensors for a wide variety of users. The result: a better product for all.

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“We understand that people around the world, including people with disabilities, depend on our products, so accessibility not only makes good business sense, but it is the right thing to do.”

Celebrate inclusion through our products

From YouTube to the Google Doodle, our products are also a vehicle for spreading our core values regarding diversity and inclusion.

Partners & Products


True innovation can only happen when we understand how bias impacts the creation of products. See what we’ve learned so far.

Machine learning bias research

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Accessibility research

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Our diversity and inclusion work

2018 Google diversity and inclusion report

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