Strengthening community outreach

To make Google a more diverse and inclusive workplace, we encourage progress in the tech industry and beyond. Our efforts are focused on empowering diverse leaders, expanding social innovation, and seeding change through public policy.

Industry at a Glance


Ethnically diverse companies are 35% more likely to outperform industry medians, 2015 1


Gender-diverse companies are 15% more likely to outperform industry medians 2


72% of tech founders believe building diversity is extremely or very important for their company 3

Empower a network of leaders

Empower a network of leaders

We can be more innovative as an industry if every voice is heard. So we invest in organizations focused on giving women and minority groups more visibility and resources in the tech industry.

Women Techmakers

Women Techmakers is a Google organization that creates global scalable events and programs to support women in the tech industry. Their goals are to help women gain visibility, increase access to career resources, and create a community to support the thriving global movement of women in tech.

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Digital Excellence Program for Minority Entrepreneurs

In collaboration with Google, Tuck Executive Education at Dartmouth College offers the Digital Excellence Program for Minority Entrepreneurs. The program focuses on providing small business owners with the tools and training they need to succeed in a digital economy.

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Support the efforts of social innovators

Support the efforts of social innovators

Challenging bias and fighting injustice start with people who use innovative thinking to spark change. We give these social innovators more resources and more visibility.

Black and Latino community roundtables

Google is building relationships with small- and medium-sized businesses, media, and education leaders in Black and Latino communities. Our goal is to drive change hand-in-hand with community leaders through continuous open dialogue and action. philanthropy

Our society is strongest when we stand against bias and inequity. That’s why partners with organizations that use data science and innovative new approaches to advance inclusion and equity for all.

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Jose Vazquez portrait

“These moments where we’re helping individuals do the important work in the community is rewarding and something Googlers are always focused on accomplishing.”

Advocate for change at the policy level

Advocate for change at the policy level

We know we must work to effect change beyond Google. That’s why we advocate for LGBT-equality, and comprehensive immigration and criminal justice reform, while also partnering with national civil and human rights organizations to lobby for more inclusive innovation policy.

Innovation policy engagement

Google’s progress is impacted by the policies that drive (or hamper) the technology industry as a whole. We know that the best policies are those that include diverse perspectives, which is why we partner with a diverse group of National Civil and Human Rights Organizations.

Google Next Gen Policy Leaders Program

Google Next Gen Policy Leaders are at the forefront of tech and racial justice, and have distinguished themselves in business, public service, content creation, education and activism. Next Gens connect the dots between tech policy and the opportunity and justice issues that drive today’s leaders.

Connect communities to technology

Connect communities to technology

Access to technology is a big part of making the world around us more equitable. So we’re working to get more people online.

Next Billion Users

In the next couple of years more than a billion users will connect to the internet for the first time. Most of this growth will come from a small set of countries like India, Indonesia, and Brazil. Through the Next Billion Users initiative, Google hopes to help these countries connect by tailoring our existing products for their markets.


More than half of all women still lack access to the online world.* Womenwill aims to erase this gender gap by developing and supporting programs that provide women with digital access and the tools to make the most of it.

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Internet Saathi

Rural India is experiencing a widening online gender gap—only one in ten internet users is a woman. Google is committed to bridging this divide. Through our Internet Saathi initiative, women ambassadors will train and educate women across 300,000 villages on the benefits of internet in their day-to-day life.



To make progress, it’s critical to understand bias within communities around us. See what we’ve learned so far.

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Our diversity and inclusion work

2018 Google diversity and inclusion report

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