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Share our progress toward a more representative Google

In 2016, we made some progress but not enough.

We know our best work will come when our workforce reflects the world around us. We’re addressing the lack of representation across the company through our talent engagement and community outreach efforts.

Our workforce composition*

Gender  (Global)

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Ethnicity  (U.S. Only)

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Here’s how we’re creating a more inclusive Google

Here’s how we’re creating a more inclusive Google

To build a more equitable Google, we’ve been working to eliminate bias in our systems and people processes.


Of Googlers have taken steps to understand and address their unconscious bias as of May 22, 2017.

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Googlers from 90 offices in 42 countries are driving over 30 projects through a program that allows employees to devote 20% of their work time to diversity efforts at Google

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Statistically significant pay differences between Googlers.

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Support grassroots employee communities

At Google there are currently 13 Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) with more than 250+ chapters globally, which allow Googlers to connect with a network of people who share their values of supporting diversity. Google ERGs reach and connect over 16,000+ Googlers across the globe.

  • Asian Googlers Network

    Supporting the diverse and multicultural Asian community at Google

    The Asian Google Network (AGN) promotes professional development and community outreach for the Asian community at Google. AGN holds many events throughout the year to celebrate events like Lunar New Year, Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and Autumn Moon Festival. AGN also offers an annual mentorship program that supports hundreds of members each year.

  • Black Googlers Network

    Supporting the Black community at Google

    The Black Googler Network (BGN) is an employee resource group of Googlers with a mission to cultivate Black leaders at Google and beyond, empower the communities where we operate, and transform the tech industry to reflect the diversity of its users. Members of BGN sponsor many events throughout the year, including month-long activities for Black History Month, mentoring, and volunteer opportunities.

  • Disability Alliance

    Connecting Googlers affected by disabilities

    The Disability Alliance is a group for Google employees who care about disability, learning differences, special needs, or neurodiversity, whether for themselves or a child, relative, or friend. The group shares advice, advocates, and builds awareness, and is passionate about creating innovative and inclusive teams, products, education, and workplaces.

  • Filipino Google Network

    Celebrating the Filipino community at Google

    The Filipino Google Network (FGN) was created to empower Filipino Googlers, the Filipino community, and their allies globally. FGN values education as a catalyst for action and works to support each other through career planning, mentoring, and Filipino student events.

  • Gayglers

    Creating a supportive, inclusive Google

    The Gayglers is comprised of LGBT Googlers and their allies. The group not only leads the way in celebrating Pride around the world, but also informs programs and policies, so that Google remains a workplace that works for everyone.

  • Google American Indian Network

    Supporting Native Americans at Google

    The Google American Indian Network (GAIN) is dedicated to leveraging Google's resources and energy to make a positive impact in the Native American community. The group works to increase career opportunities at Google and promote STEM education for Native Americans. GAIN also builds partnerships between Google teams and initiatives with external Native American nonprofits and business groups.

  • Google Veterans Network

    Supporting veterans and military families

    The Google Veterans Network (VetNet) is a community for those who have served or currently serve in the military, military families, and their supporters. VetNet works across Google to attract, recruit and retain top military talent, and with external partners to extend the network’s impact in the community.

  • Greyglers

    Creating community for Googlers "of a certain age"

    The Greyglers help Google stay a top company for workers of all ages by promoting age diversity awareness. As company elders, the Greyglers explore how Google can better support the greater community of users of all ages, provide a forum for discussion of issues related to aging in the workplace and inform programs and policies, so that Google remains a workplace that works for everyone.

  • Hispanic Googlers Network (HOLA)

    Supporting the Hispanic community at Google

    HOLA’s members​ are committed to the​ representation, advancement and inclusion of Hispanic Googlers and their allies worldwide​. HOLA hosts events throughout the year to foster a sense of 'familia' by educating​ Googlers about Hispanic culture, provides mentorship opportunities, and empowers growth and volunteer opportunities in the Hispanic community.

  • Indus Google Network

    Connecting with the South Asian community at Google

    The Indus Googler Network (IGN) aims to build a platform for professional and social activities for those with an affinity towards South Asian culture. IGN activities include community service, outreach programs, and cultural celebrations such as Diwali and Holi.

  • Iranian Googlers

    Providing a platform for Iranians at Google

    The Iranian Googlers provide a platform for empowerment, mentorship, and networking while strengthening communication and collaboration with other Googlers, culturally and professionally. The Iranian Googlers are a strong voice in the Google community, and focus their collective efforts on advocacy, products, and community outreach.

  • Mosaic

    Creating inclusive communities in all of our offices

    Mosaic was founded as an umbrella diversity ERG for our smaller Google sites around the world. Since Google sites have grown significantly, Mosaic’s mission has evolved into building community by fostering meaningful conversations and taking action. Mosaic operates under three guiding principles: inclusion, courage, and individuality. Inclusion because everyone at Google should have an equal seat at the table. Courage because it’s incredibly brave to bring your entire self to work--yet Googlers ask each other to do it every single day. And, individuality because Mosaic is the equal sum of all of Google’s parts.

  • Women@Google

    Creating a network for women

    Women@Google is our largest global employee network, and is committed to empowering all women at Google by connecting, developing, and retaining female talent. Women@ provides networking and mentoring opportunities, professional development, and community to Googler women across 45 countries.

Our Workplace


Creating an equitable workplace starts with learning more about internal systems and people processes. See what we’ve learned so far.

How to raise awareness about unconscious bias

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How to eliminate bias when reviewing resumes

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How to structure and check for pay equity

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Our commitments to diversity and inclusion


1. Data from Jan 2017 – Gender data are global, ethnicity data are US only.
3. Other includes American Indian/Alaskan Native and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander.